India is among the top e-waste producers in the world, and the scenario is only going to worsen without proper measure being taken. Analyzing the catastrophe laying ahead, the Central Pollution control Board has introduced the Extended Producer Responsibility. According to this, all the manufacturers and producers has been given a target and been mandated to take care of their e-wastes.

We at Virogreen India Pvt Ltd have been in the e-waste recycling services since 2002. We provide a total e-waste management solution with our 100% compliance with the Government norms and standard. We use state-of-the-art technology to maximize productivity while minimizing wastes.

Our services

We at Virogreen provide complete solutions to your all e-waste management. We provide services from the point of pickup to the process of recycling and disposal. The process of work described below has helped us in achieving the tag of one of the best e-waste recyclers in India.


We collect e-wastes from various points of pick up, sellers, dealers as well as retailers. After successful collection of e-waste, we carry forward them under a guided channel for further processing.

Transportation and storage

We safely transport the e-waste products to our storage point with utmost care. With our skilled workers, we segregate the goods according to their various categories and store them accordingly. We maintain appropriate safety standard and caution during storage by checking any spillage or breakage of harmful elements such as mercury.


With our cutting edge technology, we extract the precious metals such as silver, aluminium, gold and other metals from the waste products for further use.


With our recycling process, we salvage all the components of the e-wastes that can be utilized as raw materials for further future. Those salvaged components can be utilized for the resale purpose or can be remanufactured. Either way, it will have monetary benefits for you.


We follow the safest method of disposal of your discarded components with the help of advanced technology. Under the advisement of government, we dispose the components ensuring the minimum damage to the surrounding greenery.

Types of e-wastes we deal with

Electronic and electrical wastes

We deal with all kind of electronic products such as computers, laptops, mobiles, printers, scanners and many others. Also, all electronic goods such as televisions, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioners, mercury-based lamps and lights are processed for recycling.

Plastic recycling

We all know plastic is the most used non-bio degradable products on the earth. Thus disposing those lead to release of many harmful toxic gases and chemicals. As among the top e-waste recyclers in India, Virogreen also put more emphasis on recycling and remanufacturing of Plastic products. With our best technology out here, we try to the optimum to convert all plastic e-wastes in resalable materials.

Data erasure and data destruction

We provide data erasure services to erase all valuable data from devices. We all know that some data can be still obtained if they are not adequately erased and disposed off. Therefore, in Virogreen, we use the latest technology to erase data, and recheck the extraction multiple times to ensure zero leakage thereafter.

Apart from our core services, we are best known for

  • Timely completion of work
  • 24X7 customer assistance related to queries
  • Adherence to Government rules and regulation
  • Maintain confidentiality of clients
  • Country wide coverage

Still have any queries?

Kindly contact us by mail or call us directly through the numbers mentioned on our website and our technical executives will be more than happy to assist you.